Donated Gifts

These are organizations or charities that have received our gifts.

Chestnut Hill Senior Living

Facility in Columbus, Ohio

for Twas the night before... quilt

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violets tote Select
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to be given with a fruit/vegetable quilt #2

Stitched by:

Row 1:  Carolyn B, Jean, Barbara J

Row 2:  Mae, Vicki, Katye

Row 2:  Mary Z,  Carolyn B.,  Julie

Stitched by:

Row 1:  Gloria M, Carolyn B., Sandy

Row 2: Carolyn B., Mary Z, Gloria M

Row 3: Katye, Mary Z, Jean

Stitched by:

Row 1:  Margo, Gloria M, Julie

Row 2:  Mae, Mary Z, Pam H.

Row 3:  Carolyn B., Julie, Vickie