Walker, Wheelchair, and Tote Bags

Lined Tote Bag

This is a link to a very nice tutorial for a lined tote bag using fat quarters.

Wheelchair and Walker Bags Info, Links, Instructions 

Stitched squares are needed for sewing on the front of the bags

If you don't sew, one of the ladies of the group will be glad to make the bags. As far as motifs go, we do these for seniors, so anything that would appeal to either a senior man or woman would be appropriate. After you stitch the piece, it can be mailed to one of the sewists.

Here are the links to sewing instructions:

Wheelchair bag:

Walker bag 1:

Walker Bag 2:

To attach stitched pieces to the front pocket(s) on these bags, use the guidelines below:

Wheelchair bag:
The pocket face is about 5" x 8" so the stitching must fit easily inside this. More than one piece can be used by putting them side by side.

Walker bag:
The pocket has either 2 or 3 divisions so it can handle 2 pieces each smaller than about 7" x 5.5" or 3 pieces each smaller than 4.5" x 5.5" or one large piece that would be okay with seams(s) stitched across it.

Wheelchair Bag Pattern Instructions

Straps (2) 4”x30”

Bag 17”x17”

Pocket 7”x7”

Cut out all parts

2. Iron pocket and straps


a. lay print face down


a. lay print face down

3. Put on the pocket

a. pick a front side for the bag

b. put pocket in the middle

c. sew down closest to edge as possible on bottom and sides of pocket, not


d. make sure to make edges sturdier by stitching reverse too

4. Face bag inside out, pocket facing in

5. Match up edges so they are even

6. Fold down, iron or pin 1” from top of bag, so print is only facing you on the top. Do this

two times so there is a nice finish. Do this on both sides, make sure it is even.

7. Sew up sides of bag

a. 5/8” from sides, make sure to sew reverse on edges to make it sturdy

b. don’t sew top yet, it should just be pinned or ironed down for now

8. Top/straps

a. place bottom of strap 2 ½” from side seam

??Put each strap on left side or right side. Straps are placed

differently because they are for wheelchairs; don’t put one strap

on just front side of bag or back side of bag, see example.

9. Sew down straps and top closest to edge

a. when going over side seam, put side seam open flat for nicer finish

10. Straps

a. make an X just above the top seam line, only where each strap is; this

makes the straps hold to the bag sturdier

11. Flip bag so it is now outside in, like it should be. Everything should look

correct. For clarification on the instructions look at sample bag.

** For one-way fabric, the front and back will have to be cut out and not folded at the

bottom. Always check to see if fabric direction matches up with each side of bag and


Wheelchairbagpattern for child's wheelchair.doc Wheelchair bag for a child

Basic Tote Bag Instructions.JPG

Link to tote bag instructions