Info for Members

1) The members of this group can stitch just about anything:

  • a square to be part of a quilt theme;
  • a bookmark
  • a piece
  • for a tote bag; 
  • a small piece for a card.  

In special cases, the group can use other stitched pieces, known as "orphan squares".  These might be pieces you have stitched in the past and didn’t quite know what to do with.  

2) If you wish to sign up for one of the open quilt themes, go to Unfinished gifts, select Planned Gifts, find the open one you wish to stitch for, example-Butterflies.  When new quilt themes are posted, there will be a name and description paragraph about the quilts. Click on Signup for the quilt theme you wish to stitch for.  Click Signup above the signup list, Go down to Pattern and enter the pattern name, example-Monarch Butterfly, and click on save.  Your email will automatically be captured. 

After you finish your project, go back to the quilt theme, example-Butterflies signup, find your member email address, and upload your photo.   If you don’t have a photo, we can upload it for you after we receive the stitched piece.  

Follow the same steps as noted above when you mail your square.  (If you make a mistake or misprint, this can be easily fixed.  Go back to your signup and use the icons to edit the information.)

The quilt theme description will list to whom the stitched piece will be mailed when finished, mainly Peggy, unless otherwise noted. Peggy Gibbs, 2957 Donley St., Pensacola FL 32526

When mailing squares please put into a ziplock-type plastic bag or mailing envelope and place an address label in the plastic bag; that way if a package gets damaged the post office knows where to send it or who sent it; also the bag protects the square from damage if the envelope gets damaged in mailing.

Don't think you have to wait for the opening of the new quilt themes; you can start stitching on a bookmark, card piece, tote bag piece or pillow square if that is what you want. 

3) Posting pictures of the squares is not mandatory.

If you cannot post a photo, when the square or stitched piece reaches the finisher (either the tote bag/card/bookmark finisher or the quilter), this person can post a picture.   Please note in your mailing envelope that you need a photo to be taken and posted.   Posting of pictures to the albums enables the group to keep track of the squares/items that are donated. 

4) Please don't be reluctant to sign up for a square for one of the lap quilts because you don't think you can finish the stitching before the target date. This date is used to help "motivate" members to get their pieces finished and mailed to the coordinator so the quilt can be assembled in a timely manner.

Members won't be penalized, chastised, or banned, but we do ask that members try their best to finish the database signups as soon as they are able. If you feel you are unable to finish an item, please let Rachel or Peggy know (via private email) so someone can help with stitching a square if needed.

5) Don't forget to sign your squares. We usually stitch first names or initials and the state or country where you live. We have been told that the recipients of our quilts love to see where everybody is from and that it is very meaningful that so many strangers cared enough to make something special for them.


6) To post a message to the group, select the Messages tab (if on a tablet or phone, the drop down menu tab in the right hand corner). Select New Topic for a new conversation.  Type the title, type your message, then click save.  

If you wish to reply to a message or add to a conversation, find the message on the left hand side of the page, click on the topic you wish to reply to,  click the Post Reply Icon, type your message and click on the last message you see in this conversation, click save.

When posting messages, please add your name to the bottom of the message.   We can’t always recognize a member name from an email address such as   It is easier to know who sent the message if you add your name to the bottom of your message because some members might have two or more screen names or email addresses.

7) Please try to keep in touch with our group with a cheery hello, or compliment on another member's work, even if you aren't stitching. Too often members just drift into no contact mode and fade away. We want you to participate and enjoy being a member of this group.


8) Our group is comprised of volunteers who donate their time, their sewing/quilting skills, and their knowledge.  Because of this, we always need and appreciate any monetary donations, either quilting materials, gift cards to fabric/hobby stores, or cash/checks to help keep our group going.   Without our members’ support, we would not be able to continue donating to the organizations we support with our gifts of love. 


9)  Most importantly, if you are not sure of something, please post a message and someone can help