We would like to help out with bookmarks for young children, teenagers, and senior citizens (men or women).

You can cross stitch these on any type or color fabric of your choice.
They can be on long fabric or small squares where a ribbon can be added for between the pages.
There are no limits on how these can be stitched.
Please use all your small pieces of fabric for these.

You may also choose to crochet or make plastic canvas bookmarks.

If you would like to finish them for donating, that is great.  There are many web sites offering directions for finishing bookmarks to help you.  Just search the web for "how to finish cross stitched bookmarks." 

Send either finished or unfinished bookmarks to Peggy.

You can use your imagination for these. All will be appreciated and used for our group’s charities. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We are here to help.