Gift To Be Donated

These are gifts that have been completed and are going to be donated to organizations.

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Stitched by: Row 2: Anne P, Julie, Anne P Row 2: Julie, Anne P, Julie Row 3: Anne P, Carol HI, Anne P  Quilted by Rachel AZ

Stitched by Pat P. quilted by Rachel AZ

Stitched Pieces:

Row 1:  Vicki, Jean, Marcia

Row 2:  Sandy, Wendy, Lynn

Row  3:  Sandy, Carolyn B, Carolyn B

Stitched Pieces:

Row 1:  Jean, Carolyn B, Julie

Row 2:  Vicki, Kathy, Mary Z

Row 3:  Lynn, Mary Z, Vicki

Stitched by: Row 1 Katye, Row 2 Teresa, Julie Row 3 Peggy, Carolyn, Donna, Row 4 Teresa, Vicki K Row 5 Linda Mae  Quilted by: Rachel AZ

Page 1 of 1 from 8 items 1