Unfinished Gifts

View unfinished pieces donated by our members or donate your stitching for us to turn it into a finished gift which we will give to charity.

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No sign-up database. Choose any designs that you think will make good cards.

Please keep your choices to smaller patterns that will fit on a roughly 4in x 5in or

4in x 6in card blank (that's 10cm x 12cm or 10cm x 15cm) with a bit of room to

spare all around. Stitch as many as you want. Target date has to be January 30, 2022

however to give time to finish the cards. Please post a photo in the Valentine

album if you can.  Stitched pieces can be sent to Peggy for card finishing.  If you

make a card with your stitching you can send finished cards directly to Peggy

before February 5. If you are able, include an envelope too.

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