Unfinished Gifts

View unfinished pieces donated by our members or donate your stitching for us to turn it into a finished gift which we will give to charity.

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Choose a pattern from the first 3 photos in this album. After choosing your pattern and signing up in the quilt signup list, contact Anne by clicking on your sign in name at the top right of our website page. Then choose Contact a Member. Select Anne P (OneStitch). Enter you email, then the pattern name in the subject field In the comment field enter that you want an email pattern (or ask for a paper pattern and enter your address and Anne will mail your pattern to you via USPS.) She will email the pattern to your email address.

Unlimited sign ups. Use cream or light yellow, 11 or 14 count fabric,cut 8” x 8” or 20 cm x 20 cm. Use 3 ply threads for the back stitch and 2 ply for other stitching. When you are finished please post a photo of your work, if possible, otherwise ask Peggy to do it for you. Send your square to Peggy. Her address is on our website under Information, Info for Members.

Page 1 of 2 from 15 items 12