Unfinished Gifts

View unfinished pieces donated by our members or donate your stitching for us to turn it into a finished gift which we will give to charity.

Cards for Quilts and Other Occasions

This album is for small pieces intended for quilt cards and cards for other occasions, i.e. birthday, get well, etc.

Valentine Cards

Motifs for Valentine's Day cards

Holiday cards 2019


Use any pattern for a winter holiday. You can pick the fabric, color and count; a good size would be 4x4, but no larger than 5x5. The design should not be smaller than 1x1 or larger than 3x3. If you don’t wish to or can’t finish the card, someone will help with the finishing. Please post a photo of your work, if possible, otherwise someone will do it for you. Send your stitched piece to Peggy.